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An Educator's Guide to Using the Rest of Our Site  
  1. Sharing with Lindamichelle: Encourage your students to share poetry with Lindamichellebaron. Explore a library of past selections. Submissions could appear on our site or in the next "Year of Sharing" calender!  
  2. Poetry Medley: On this engaging interactive page, your students can click on pictures and read excerpts from the poems of Lindamichellebaron. A good introduction to the poet's world.  
  3. A License to Create: You can give your students Lindamichellebaron's creative license! An encouraging, creatively nurturing way to free the "inner writer."  
  4. A Poet at Work: In this section, join us for a unique peek into the world of a poet. Lindamichellebaron discusses her creative process and shares unpublished poems.  
  5. Are You a Dreamer? This fun, creative collection of activities has something for everyone!  
  6. The Sun Is On: Younger readers may enjoy participating in our art activity based on The Sun Is On. See a "movie" and take our "sunny" poll as well.  
7. Anthony Ant & Grady Grasshopper: Are you an ant or a grasshopper? Take our poll after reading Lindamichellebaron's retelling of the classic Aesop tale.  
  8. Facebook Fan Page Lindamichellebaron wants to hear from you and your students!