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Preparing for a Visit from Dr. Lindamichellebaron  
  1. Booking: Book visits from Dr. Lindamichellebaron here or call Harlin Jacque Publications at 516-489-0120.  
  2. Download Dr. Lindamichellebaron's biography and publicity photographs here.  
  3. Bookstore: Order Lindamichellebaron's books for personal use. Or to place school orders, or call 516-489-0120.  
  4. Guides: Download free discussion guides for Lindamichellebaron's poetry. Available only on this site.  
  5. Get the word out about your workshop or program with our free e-card service or download a free printable greeting card.  
    After Your Visit from Dr. Lindamichellebaron  
  1. Invite your students send their poems in to "Sharing with Lindamichelle." and then enjoy reading and exploring the work of other students on our site.  
  2. Have students send their greetings to Dr. Lindamichellebaron on her Facebook Fan Page.  
  3. Post student work on your own site and send our your links.