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How I Came to Write "Once Upon a Time"

I sat at the sink, my head wrapped, waiting for the hairdresser to finish beautifying my hair. I waited with my anti-boredom kit in hand, a book. Well, not just any book, but a five hundred page, three pound textbook. It was not the most exciting reading in the world, but it was better than just sitting and waiting.

At some point I heard a child’s voice: “I can read that book," she said. When I looked down toward the voice, I discovered Peachie, my hairdresser’s four-year-old niece.

As we spoke, it became clear that it was Peachie’s imagination doing the talking. Although she loved books, she was not yet a reader. I was reminded of my preschool desire to read big “picture-less” books. My memory combined with Peachie’s declaration to create this poem, "Once Upon a Time."

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