Sharing October-November 2000

The 20 Way
October-November, 2000

by Ms. Stoh
Class 117, Grade 1
Public School/Middle School 20
Bronx, NY

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Sharing December 2000-January 2001

The Desert's Song
December 2000-January, 2001

by Elisabeth Thomas
5th Grade
Brooklyn New School

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Sharing February-March 2001

A Car
February-March 2001

by Shinair Francis
8th Grade, District 9, Bronx NY

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Sharing April-May 2001

Your Talkative Ways
April-May 2001

by Jody Lezama
7th Grade, Middle School 390
Teacher, Ms. McIntosh
Brooklyn, NY

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Sharing January-February 2002

Go Away!
January-February 2002

by Sarita Roopnarayan
7th Grade, J.H.S. 117
Brooklyn, NY

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Sharing April-May 2002
My Poem
April-May 2002

by Andrees Eanes
HEAP Student, Harlem, NY

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Sharing June-July 2002

A Trip to the Back of the 'Fridge
June-July 2002

by Nancy Rakoczy
Artist, teacher, poet
Queens, NY

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Sharing September 2002

4 Shorties
September 2002

by Athena,
Dorothea Gamble,
Marcel Bonet,
and Lauren Stoker

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Sharing December 2002
I Fell In Love with My Blackness Today
December 2002

by Joyce Smith

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  Sharing March 2003
Starry Night: Three March Selections
March 2003

If I Could Touch a Star
by Ariel Schnur

The Owl's Night Conquered
by Andrees Eanes

One June Night
by Nejla Yerlikaya

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