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You Can Do It!

July 7th, 2013


You can do it!
Just put your mind to it!
Anything you want is within your reach
Just listen to your elders and learn what we teach!
Although it may seem difficult at times
All you have to do is make up your mind
Trust the Lord and follow Him
And every obstacle will grow dim.
Remember we are praying and cheering you on;
It’ll happen before you know it – it won’t be long!
You can be anything you want to be,
Just study hard and you will see
In the end, when your story is told,
It will surely say that you have reached your goal!

Rolanda T. Pyle is the author of award-winning collection of poetry and prose, Finally. Find out more about Rolanda T. Pyle and her books and publications on her website, RoRo's Rainbow Communications.

The poet dedicates this poem, from her collection, Finally, to: Tawana, Danielle, Venus, Marcus, Alicia, Brian, Jemaine, Shireen, Grace, Rashida, Jerron, Ryan, A.J., Brenden, Ronnie and Tiffany.

Rolanda T. Pyle has previously given us "Thank You for My Family" this season. This lyric, with its overwhelming optimism, is the perfect poem for the last poem of the season, and the perfect verse to take into the coming year.

I want to thank all those who have contributed their talents to 30 Days of Poetry 3 and our accompanying celebration, Poet-Tea in the Garden. Cheryl Hanna, my creative director, designed and edited these pages. Cynthia Bullock, my executive assistant, organized and served as liaison for the schools, Dr. Rose Cherie Reissman was an invaluable resource, working tirelessly to connect her students and fellow teachers at Ditmas Intermediate School to this project,  Nancy Ticali at Centennial Avenue School brought us several very talented students who shared their poems as well. Many of these young poets were inspired by the year-long celebration of my work presented at their school under the name of "Dr. Lindamichellebaron's Poetry." This project was initiated by their principal, Dr. Barbara Solomon. Of course my thanks and gratitude go out to all my fellow poets, adults, teens and children who have contributed to 30 Days of Poetry 3. 

I also want to mention here the work of Ditmas students whom we could not include this season, but who nevertheless impressed us with their efforts. Honorable mentions were awarded to:

     •   Dominick Brown
     •   Jonathan Guadalupe-Brown
     •   Cleavon George
     •   TayJah Jennings
     •   Radeema Oliverre

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