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A Poem of Love

May 30th, 2014

Thank you to a mother and a friend

If you were a poem the pages of you would be earmarked,
    worn and torn
From those who came to your pages again and again
You would be there to inspire and sustain.

You'd be the poem that's best remembered and most often recited,
The poem most underscored and highlighted.
The poem most often noted and continually quoted.

You'd be the poem the teacher would share
and assign year after year
An example of quality, content and design
A creation to pass the test of time.
You would be studied for technique
An example of what it means to be—unique

Then the "between the lines" of you
Would have to be thoroughly thought through.
Analyzed, evaluated,
critiqued and appreciated

The truth is, you are beyond anthologizing,
or poeticizing…
Only an entirely new discipline
could begin to touch all you are within
the science of love-ology
The poetics of love with the gift of life.

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With this poem—a long lost work of my own—we say goodbye to another 30 Days of Poetry. Dare I hope that we will meet again soon for another 30 days? I dare to hope. I have been blessed by your imaginings and poetics beyond my dreams.

Thank you to all parents, teachers, librarians, and the adult and student poets who have made this season of 30 Days of Poetry possible! A special thank you to my Harlin Jacque Publications assistant, Cynthia Bullock and my HJP creative director, Cheryl Hanna, who designed and edited these pages.

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