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Music Dancing Across My Mind

Across my mind.
Note by note,
Keeping time.
Tapping my feet,
Humming a song,
Keeping a beat.
Nothing's wrong.
Every worry,
It slides away.
It goes back,
To yesterday.
Only music on my mind.
Every day.
All the time.


This Music in Me

It’s a deep inspired song that keeps me floating on
It’s this music within the song that keeps me going on
This burning music in me that makes me feel no wrong
It’s the music in me that makes me strong
It’s the music in me in the way of a song,
Sweet, soulful, spiritual, inspirational, 
Bluesy, toe tapping, soothing tunes
That can live on and on and on
Sometimes it has a beat,
Sometimes it’s calm, 
Sometimes it’s melancholy and sweet
Sometimes it rocks me to sleep
It’s this music in me
That rises from my heart and moves through my feet
When it does, I must obey, my head begins to bob
And my body begins to sway, before I know it, I am taken away
My hands clap to the beat, 
Sometimes I can’t stay in my seat
It’s the music in me

The natural born music in me.  


Julianna Welker and Sandra Ugoala submitted these poems to my site last year for 30 Days of Poetry 3. Julianna was 13 when she wrote her poem.


These are top-tapping poems and they both make me very happy.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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