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Young girl crying

Invisible Girl

I’m my own consultant 
My lips are stapled shut
I sleep with my pen in case my thoughts try to run away
   from what I can’t speak (no voice)
I’m so disconnected from “them”
I’m not able to be seen—like a disclaimed child of a mother
   who wants nothing to do with her offspring
Disconcerted, I sit at a lunchroom table hearing kids laugh
   around me but me I play no part
If it was a skit
I'd have no script
I cradle my head in my flooded hands and I wish to be 
With the “cool” kids someday hopefully Monday or perhaps Friday
So I’d have something good to roam my head
I have to be discreet though, if I even clear reach out
I’m afraid to be embarrassed again no one knows me 
Anyway my mind is so distraught I never really
Knew strength till I had no choice but to be strength
I am the Invisible Girl

My Secret

My secret became the words sitting at my dinner table eating up my insides I couldn’t really cope my stomach felt too uptight seems to me no one knew the real story behind glory my thoughts were screaming inside my ear feeling like I had 1089 chances of 1089 to going deaf. Close to deaf my ears slapped me in my right cheek bouncing off to the other leaving remains of how hurt it feels to have to know she lives in a body of a bully and friend all at once and nobody knows but me and my secret bully.

Think of Bullying

When I hear or think of bullying, I… 
Think of someone getting punched, kicked, or beat up
Think of online bullying (cyber bully) think about mean things
Being posted about someone 
Think of rumors
Think of someone doing someone else’s homework
Think of suicide or self-hurt
Think of teachers and or students making fun of someone’s appearance or any imperfections
  —like people in my old school
Think of swirlies (bully sticks someone’s head into the toilet)
Think of popular kids
Think of name calling
Think of cliques or social circles
Think of pain

Hanifah and Kayla are both students are Ditmas Intermediate School, where creative and imaginative teaching and programs have given us regular contributers to 30 Days of Poetry. Teachers included Dr. Rose Reissman, Ms. Heather Barron and Mr. Michael Downes. You will see more from Ditmas this season.

It saddens me that students today are so hostile and unloving towards each other. When I taught elementary school, one of my primary goals was to create a safe space for students, a place where hostility could be left at the classroom door. Our young poets today are openly expressing distress at that lack of safe space. I admire them for it.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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