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May 15th, 2014

I started writing poetry at thirteen. 
Writing to relieve my mind. 
To try to rhyme like my hip-hop idols. 
I would have never thought I would be writing for a scholarship. 
Yes, my brain is scholarly.
But my poetry puts me on a rocket ship. 
Flying me past the sky.
Past Cloud 7, 8, 9.
Past the stars.
I'm big headed like Jupiter. 
I'm filled with nothing but gas and poetry. 
But at last I'm struggling to write a poem that could Change My life.
Scholarship for college. 
Cash. Rules. Everything. Around. Me. 
But at the same time, people say "Money isn't everything." 
But let's face it, you need money to do what you wanna do. 
Honesty is power 
Knowledge is power 
Truth is power. 
And Money rules the world.
Let me use my knowledge to honestly tell a truth. 
Money creates corruption. 
Corruption destroys creative authenticity. 
I guess my poetry is less authentic. 
Making me a sellout.
But this sellout is going to college.

Ja’Saun Young is a 12th grader at Freeport High School, studying under Mr. Mark Spanier. This poem was submitted to the competition, Discover the Poet in You, which Dr. Baron is judging this spring.


In my youth, I was also preoccupied with the ins and outs of selling out. Integrity was very important to me and my heroes were those who stood fast against the tide.

Later in life I discovered that it wasn't as easy as I thought to stand fast against the tide. Although, strangely enough, it's not all that easy to sell out either—maybe because it's a buyer's market.

I'm amused and delighted by this poem which is frank and fresh and a little bit strange in its own way, as the poet searches for a place to stand.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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