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She Was the Rebirth

May 19th, 2014

Mysterious female figure

Like a painted canvas, you were awash with indigo and other 
colors so vibrant I wanted to put them in my crayon box.
Your thoughts were like pickled pitaya and bell peppers,
and you watered gardens with your stream of words.
You breathed in the sun and from your lips you'd drip
the waxing moon.

I remember you saying once at the hill where the sun hugged the earth,
          "Soon, I'll leave this place and lay comfortably in my bed of flowers
          and from my fingertips I'll expel hunger and strife
          and the leaves of life will grow from the roots of my bosom.
          I'll bloom new life like I bloom lotus flowers."

You told me about the flowers that sprang up from pavement cracks sometimes
and how clouds pillowed stifled dreams.
I'd watch you weave your hopes of the future into a blanket that I'd wish
would envelope the earth so that
I could sleep soundly at night without fearing the hypocrisy of the sunlight
that fights its way through my window and filter through to even
the darkest corners of my room.
I'd pray that the waves of tears from your eyes would be like
tsunami tides to cover the world in a bath scented with rosemary and lilac.

I remember that dream you had once…how it was soaked in blood and darkness, 
puddled with war and a relentless feeling that woke you from your timeless slumber.
​You told me how this fate was not far off,
that the world will soon be an ubiquitous cemetery, and those
incomprehensive of the gift of life will be like wandering souls in the black forests of the after earth
          "Will I see you again?" I asked you
but the glimmer in your eye suggested your fate was bathed in white, 
unlike mine suffused in a constant black.

You humbled yourself by peering down, and fumbling with your fingers
you told me your destiny awaited you beneath the bloodied battleground of the clotted earth.
You told me your fate was sealed with sugary sweet stickiness like a comb of honey,
that in a meadow in the center of the earth, bedded with every flower and plant
and the home of every creature is where you'll be
Then you spoke ever so softly unto me, and said
                    "I am the rebirth of this world, and every seedling of life will grow through me
                    ​the roots throughout the underground world will pace with the pump of
                    ​my ivory blood, and I will transform this world into a new one,
                    ​where the sun will kiss the moon and the sky will brush colors on the plains befitting of a rainbow.

                    ​​I'll breathe a new wind, and the stars will be too bright to even touch
                    ​But right there in the center of this spectacular rebirth of this world, you'll find me,
                    ​​rooted deeply, as the flower child of the Earth."

Shariah Hyde is an 11th grader at Uniondale High School, studying under Mrs. Diana McIntyre. This poem was submitted this year to a poetry contest at the Uniondale Public Library.

I found this poem difficult to understand, but impossible to ignore. I was left with an impression of extreme beauty, pervasive unease, and inhuman power.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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