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Teacher's desk and blackboard

Footprint in the Sand

People have come. 
People have gone.
Some have done me right,
Others have done me wrong.
Many have left footprints.

Footprints filled with pools of different things
Smiles, applause, words of encouragement—
Frowns, scolding, words of pain.

But there was this one,
Who lifted me up!
Her name was Ms. Stewart.
She was inspiring.
She was a star in the sky
That I’d look up to every night.
She danced with kindness.
She taught me to do right.

The Teacher I Hate

Short, black hair.
Always wants me to work. 
“I have to use the bathroom.”
She would scream.
“I need help with this.”
“You’re not smart.”
“Try it yourself.”
She was my third grade teacher.
That lady, no matter what I did
She did not appreciate it.
My third grade teacher.

Faith and Juwairiyyah are both students at Ditmas Intermediate School, where creative and imaginative teaching and programs have given us regular contributers to 30 Days of Poetry. So far this season we have published Three Poems That Consider Coins and Invisible Girl and Other Poems about Sadness. Teachers for this selection were Dr. Rose Reissman and Ms. Rosinda Rodriguez. You will see more from Ditmas this season.

Taken together, these poems are particularly interesting—especially to anyone who has ever faced a classroom. The poets' styles contrast and illuminate their very different memories. Faith's voice here is sweet and decorative while Juwairiyyah is blunt and to the point.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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