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Pennies from heaven

A U.S. copper penny dated 2013Change in My Pocket

Change in my pocket
From pennies, quarters, and nickels
I could buy myself a rocket with
With 25 nickels I could buy myself some skittles
Loose change is important
So important we need to cherish it
I believe it should remain constant
It is easy to transform
Loose change to valuables
You don’t know when you will need some
Losing it would be horrible
Maybe you can buy some gum  ​

A U.S. copper penny dated 2013

Penny by Penny

I love these coins with all my heart
I cherish them, and use them all
All those jingling sounds in your pocket
Remind you how they are very useful for the human race.
I use them sometimes, many don’t
They are very shiny, they are like gold.
Even though they are very heavy
They are very useful penny by penny


A U.S. copper penny dated 2013

Treasured Coins

Treasured coins 
It’s made out of copper at a mint
       A penny’s worth one whole cent
Five of them make a nickel and can be spent
       Which make up five more cents
A dime is worth twice as many
        It’s small, shiny and worth plenty

The next day, I found a coin on the floor
       It was worth twenty-five cents, so I took it to the store
It was a quarter, the biggest of them all
       All coins are worth plenty
 They should be treasured
       Not tampered with or buried
 Coins tell us the history of our country
        They give us facts about our currency

Cristofer, Susan and Jada are all students are Ditmas Intermediate School, where creative and imaginative teaching and programs have given us regular contributers to 30 Days of Poetry. Teachers included Dr. Rose Reissman, Ms. Heather Barron and Mr. Michael Downes. You will see more from Ditmas this season.

I love these unassuming little poems. They remind me of the delight I took in these small everyday objects as a child. They were objectively beautiful, satisfying to the hand, small and perfect. And then they could be exchanged for so many wonderful things! 

I'm surprised and delighted to find that charm of coinage still persists. We should always remember that poems considering small things can still loom very large.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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