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I can't remember a day I didn't love them
Better than anything you can imagine 
As comfortable as a bed in the middle of the night
As colorful or as boring as you want

Lively and entertaining
They can glow in the dark
They can be turned into puppets
Express one's feelings

"Very Appealing"
"Makes a Fashion Statement" 
Whether they're thigh-high and bland
Or ankle short and leopard covered

Socks are what make the world go 'round


That Damn Tie

There it is on the rack
An abyss, the color pitch black
It's stifling and constricting it chokes 
A dull jabbing pain just pokes
I take a step further it catches my eye 
Why can't I get rid of that, damn, tie

I wasn't wired that way
9 to 5 in a suit all day
It wants me to be formal 
But I'm barely normal
So I don't see why
I have to wear that, damn, tie

But I have no choice
It's suffocated me to the point that I lost my voice 
I fear
You don't hear
No matter how hard I try
I'm stuck wearing that, damn, tie


Dyamond Dieudonne and Amari Dechinea are students at Uniondale High School, studying under Mrs. Sheeba Varkey. These poems was submitted this year to a poetry contest at the Uniondale Public Library.


Who hasn't felt the warm embrace of clean pair of snuggly socks? Or recoiled from the vicious attack of some piece of clothing that rightly belongs in the trash? Poems about everyday things give me a lot of pleasure. Years ago I wrote a poem about a toothbrush. You'll find it in my book, The Sun Is On.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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