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Two views of a sailboat

Faith, in Me

I never quite
Understood, anything.
How a person can have
So much faith, in
I have nothing to give.
She says my talent is
Is it really?
When all hope for my
Future was fading,
She saved it.
She is the savior.
All I needed was a pen and
Paper but mostly,
I needed her.

Things That Burn

The tears rolling down the face of a neglected little girl
The knife sinking into the chest of
someone who wants to leave this world
The fiery pain inside when someone     
Squashes your pride
A gay kid hangs himself from a tree
Another one hurls himself from a balcony
A so-called fat girl becomes anorexic
The people who cause this, 
they make me sick
The sadness and anger at the victim’s funeral
The guilt of the person who didn’t seem to know at all
That what they were doing would 
lead to this stage
My pencil as it writes on this very page
The fear of the school as the bullets 
start to fly
From the student who got tortured 
and didn’t know why
They all burn with a fire of pain 
so raw and so red
Burning steady and slow and very well fed
The fire that consumes us 
One by one
Two by two
We may not able to fully douse it but there is something we can do
Offer a hand to the crying little girl
If you can save one person we can 
all save the world
Shine a guiding light
Open a door 
And maybe we won’t have to burn anymore

Ashley is a 7th grader at Lawerence Road Middle School studying with Ms. Sumter. Melissa is an 11th grader at Uniondale High School studying with Mr. Bowman.


These are two very passionate poems about the things that hurt us and the hope that keeps us.

Come back for another day of poetry tomorrow. If you want to be part of 30 Days of Poetry, send your poems to until May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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