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From Within: Two Poems

May 29th, 2014



I am 
I am a person, 
Who displays passion, 
Through motion,

I learned from above,
How to care,
How to love.

I have made me the person I want to be.
I can’t change what I do—
But I can change who I am
For the good.

I know I can change the way I do things presently, 
To the way they are supposed to be.
I can show that I have the courage
To change for the better.

I can raise myself to the sky
Instead of lowering myself to the ground.
I can assure my future
Will resound.



I see people I want to know
but not really
apart of them though
I smell the stench of meanness,
rudeness and all of the above
I taste the bitter taste of
being an outsider
without love.
I hear what people say
about me but don't
really care anyway
I feel hurt, but alive inside
cause now I see it's
good to be on the outside.

Dejeunier Hightower is a 8th grader at Ditmas Intermediate School studying under Dr. Rose Reissman and Mr. Caulfield. 

Tajah Kee is a student at Uniondale High School, studying under Mrs. Sheeba Varkey. This poem was submitted this year to a poetry contest at the Uniondale Public Library.

I was drawn to these two poems by their delicately expressed language and the wealth of feeling expressed as both young poets look inward, toward the center of themselves.

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